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Help Build the Wall

The Justice Wall was launched in June of 2014 and since then we have expanded the vision to include a prayer wall for the persecuted church, the ending of abortion and human trafficking. Please join us and invite your friends to sign up for a weekly or one-time prayer slot.

Here are some easy ways you can invite others to join.

1 - Share This Website

Please share this site with your friends and family and invite them to sign up!  You can do this in so many ways.

1 - You can post this site on your Facebook wall (or the videos).

2 - You can tweet this site on your Twitter (or the videos).

3 - Or you can simply let people know in conversation and point them to the

2 - Share At Your Church

Please share about the Justice Wall at your church.  You can do this by making an announcement on Sunday, sharing in small groups or even planning a weekly prayer time where you and others can pray together during shifts. 

3 - Share at Your House of Prayer

If you are a part of a House of Prayer or a praying community please share this vision with them and consider signing up to take several slots as a HOP or ministry.

Want some flyers to put at your church, ministry or to share with your friends?  Just e-mail us at
Let us know how many you would like and where to ship them!

Thank you for helping us build this wall!

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