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The Life Room uses an online platform called "Zoom."

This page is for new Zoom users. If the tips below are not helpful, please email, and we will do our best to serve you.


Welcome to our new members—we are so glad you are joining the Life Wall. To help keep our Zoom calls free of distractions, please read through the tips and guidelines below before joining the call. Thank you!


To join, click the button on the website:




  • For Desktop computer to join the prayer time, you will need to have speakers and a microphone connected so that you can participate. As well, you would need to have a webcam connected to have others see you.


  • For Laptop computer to join the prayer time, you will have no problems entering the call and you will have control of your microphone and webcam by using the two bottom left boxes on your screen.(‘video’ controls webcam and ‘audio’ controls microphone)


  • For smartphone (iPhone or Android) to join the prayer time, download the Zoom Cloud Meeting app.  Then open your browser and type in the link ( then click the button for the live room.  This will ask if you want to open the Zoom app and you will be joined to the call.  


  • For Telephone (landline or cellphone) unfortunately there is currently not a way to join the prayer room.  The ID changes automatically everyday and there is no way to communicate that.


NOTE:  Whichever device you are using, do not open the zoom app because the meeting ID changes everyday so you will not have the current meeting ID.  Always go through a browser with the link.



Important information for muting your microphone:


  1. When you link into the zoom call, you need to click, “Join with Computer Audio” so you can hear and we can hear you.

  2. You will enter the call with us already praying. Through the call be courteous and feel free to “jump” in to pray as the Spirit is leading you.

  3. All computer participants will be muted when you come on the call.  To speak click the unmute button which is on the left side of your computer zoom panel. When you are finished speaking, click mute again.

  4. For all phone call-ins: please press *6 as soon as you are on the call to mute your phone. Press *6 again to unmute when you want to pray, press *6 after you finish praying to mute.

  5. Use the chat bar to share your name and where you are from, plus dreams, visions, prayer thoughts, etc. Click CHAT (at the bottom of the zoom screen) and you will see the chat panel pop up on the side.

  6. THANK YOU! For your cooperation and grace and for praying for LIFE.

Quick Help:

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