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Thank you Leaders!

Thank you for signing up to lead an hour, or more, of prayer each week. 


Your faithful leadership is critical to the success of the Life Room and we deeply appreciate the investment of your time.  We believe your leadership and prayer, will save lives.  Translation: You are our heroes.

Quick Help:

Below is a list of guidelines and tips for effectively leading your prayer hour(s). 


Please read over, and if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out. We are here to help.

TECH HELP: Need help logging in or with a technical issue? Email and one of our team will respond as soon as possible.

 GENERAL HELP: Have a general, non-technical question as a leader?  Email

 APPLY TO LEAD: If you would like to apply to lead, or if you would like to lead another hour or change our prayer time please email:

Core Culture of the Life Room

As you lead please keep the below core values in mind.



The heart of the Life Room is love and compassion.  Please cultivate this spirit in your prayer time.  We ask participants to pray out of a place of compassion for women, children, men, family, society, and the next generation. 



In the Life Room, we recognize the importance of praying out of a posture of intercession, not accusation. 


For e.g. rather than complaining in prayer about what our leaders are not doing, we are coming in a posture of love to pray that our leaders would be led by heaven's compassion and wisdom.  

Good questions to ask yourself are, "If a woman who has had an abortion was on this call right now, would she feel love or would she feel a lack of compassion?  If one of our elected officials was on this call right now would they feel supported in prayer, or would they feel attacked?"

The culture of all we do at the Life Room is love, compassion, humility and intercession.



Please pray with passion and your whole heart, but keep in mind that others may want to pray as well.  If there are a few people on the call, please keep your prayers to a few minutes and then give others a chance to pray as well.  If no one prays, feel free to keep going!


The Life Room is interdenominational. This means you may be praying for someone who is from a more traditional denominational practice to someone from a more contemporary one.  Please be respectful of the others you are praying with and choose to focus on what we all have in common: a desire to see life advance in Canada, with the Word of God, we are praying to the God of the Bible in Jesus' name etc.

Please avoid praying in a way that others may not understand (such as the Rosary or loudly in tongues in a way that others cannot be heard) and keep prayers in the vein of what people from any denomination could engage with.  At any point, someone can come into the room from anywhere in the nation to pray for life.

Thank you for understanding and helping us create a space where everyone feels welcome and able to participate.



We value praying the Word of God.  Please click here for a list of scriptures that relate to the life issue.


We recognize that the life issue is an issue that touches many aspects of society.  As the Holy Spirit leads you, please pray for women considering abortion, their support relationships, provincial governments, the federal government, the next generation & education, Universities, media, the medical system and the like. 

For weekly prayer points, please sign up for our prayer directives email list here.

Please click here for some general prayer points for life.



We genuinely believe that these prayer times are saving lives and shifting things in our nation on the life front.  We thank you in advance for your faithfulness to your prayer leadership time.  If you are not able to lead your time in a given week, please ensure you find a leader to replace you and alert us at to let us know that someone else will be leading your time.  Please ask that person to take a moment to read this webpage before leading. Thank you so much.  Please do your best to find a replacement. As a last resort, you can email, and we will post on the Life Room Signal Chat and see if anyone can pick up your hour for you on a one-time basis.

Tech Tips For Leaders



When you were accepted as a leader you should have received directions from us on how to log in as a leader.  Logging in using these instructions for your prayer time is important because it gives you the ability to mute participants who may have background noise which is distracting the prayer time.  If you did not receive these instructions or have misplaced them, please email



People may join at various times throughout the hour. Please feel free to take a moment to welcome them, but don't feel that you have to stop the prayer time flow to brief them.  Please create a warm atmosphere but also guard against allowing too much side conversation that may distract from prayer.  Please work hard to keep a sense of focus during your prayer time knowing that lives are hanging in the balance at every moment. A good rule is  pray it, don't say it. If someone is sharing a prayer point and taking extended time to do it, just gently encourage them to pray into it, and you and others will come alongside to agree with them.



Some people may "pop" into your prayer time spontaneously, but they may not.  Please reach out to 1-2 friends in your network and invite them to come and pray with you during your hour so you are not alone. Prayer of agreement is powerful, and we want to utilize it as much as possible by praying with others each hour.  If you are consistently praying alone, please email to let us know.



Please encourage your participants to stay in a spirit of love, compassion, humility, repentance, and blessing of our nation.  If someone is being negative, accusatory, or consistently negative, gently remind them of the culture values of the Life Room. You can encourage them to read our core values here if you feel a need.



If a participant is in an area that has much background noise, please encourage them gently to mute while they are not praying.  The mute button is generally at the bottom of a screen.  If a participant is not muting on their own or having a hard time, you can mute them as long as you are signed in as a life leader.  See #1 in this section. 

If someone has their camera on and the image is distracting because of activity taking place where they are, you can also disable their camera. In this case, the participant will be able to still hear the prayer time and pray if they are unmuted.

DISRUPTERS - If someone joins the call to disrupt prayer, please remove them.  You will have the power to do this if you are logged in as a life leader. See #1 in this section.

If you encounter an issue during your prayer time that you need help navigating, please don't hesitate to email us at

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