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Core Values

The Justice Wall and Life Room adhere to the following core values and ask all participants to honour these values as they participate. Thank you very much and bless you.

Engage in prayer on the Justice Wall, or participate in the Life Room, please keep these core values in mind.



The heart of the Life Room is love and compassion.  Please cultivate this spirit in your prayer time.  We are praying out of a place of compassion for women, children, men, family, society, and the next generation. 



We recognize the importance of praying out of a posture of intercession, not accusation.  For e.g. rather than complaining in prayer about what our leaders are not doing, we are coming in a posture of love to pray that our leaders would be lead by heaven's compassion and wisdom.  

For those on the Life Room, good questions to ask yourself are, "If a woman who has had an abortion was on this call right now, would she feel love or would she feel lack of compassion?  If one of our elected officials was on this call right now would they feel supported in prayer, or would they feel attacked?"

The culture of all we are is love, compassion, humility and intercession.



Please pray with passion and your whole heart but keep in mind that others may want to pray as well.  If there are a few people on the call please keep your prayers to a few minutes and then give others a chance to pray as well.  If no one prays, feel free to keep going!



The Life Room is interdenominational. This means you may be praying for someone who is from a more traditional denominational practice to someone from a more contemporary one.  Please be respectful of the others you are praying with and choose to focus on what we all have in common: a desire to see life advance in Canada, with the Word of God, we are praying to the God of the Bible in Jesus' name etc.


Please avoid praying in a way that others may not understand (such as the Rosary or loudly in tongues in a way that others cannot be heard) and keep prayers in the vein of what people from any denomination could engage with.  At any point, someone can come into the room from anywhere in the nation to pray for life.

Thank you for understanding and helping us create a space where everyone feels welcome and able to participate.



We value praying the Word of God.  Please click here (coming soon) for a list of scriptures that relate to the life issue.


We recognize that the issues we are praying about touches many aspects of society.  As Holy Spirit leads you, please pray for women considering abortion, their support relationships, provincial governments, the federal government, the next generation & education, Universities, media, the medical system and the like. 

  • LIFE: For weekly prayer points for the life issue please sign here



We genuinely believe that these prayer times are saving lives and shifting things in our nation on the life front.  We thank you in advance for your faithfulness to your prayer leadership time.  On the Justice Wall when you sign up for a 15 minute prayer time for any prayer schedule/item you can sign up for a reminder to be sent to you. If you would like this, please let us know at and we would be happy to serve you.

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