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Ongoing Prayer Points

Religious Freedom



Pray that Canadian citizens - regardless of career, age, sex, faith or political leaning - will gain revelation that religious freedom is central to the overall freedom provided by our democracy including our freedom of speech and our right to gather.


Pray for outpourings of Holy Spirit in every community in every province and territory that will radically transform millions of spirits, souls and bodies, and which will make even preliminary discussions on limiting freedom of religion to be thought of as folly.



Pray that all attempts and plans to restrict religious freedom would be widely exposed in their infancy, and stopped in its tracks.


Pray that every person who tries to prevent religious freedom will have a radical encounter with Jesus.


Pray that all attempts by false religions to change laws and/or otherwise influence media, social media, businesses and other organizations to unfairly and/or underhandedly advance their religion including the prevention of truths about their religion from being openly discussed and exposed will be stopped, and that indeed the truths of these false religions will be exposed in mass media and social media for all to see.


Pray that all issues of corruption including bribery of government bureaucrats and elected officials will be brought into the light and that justice will prevail promptly, publicly and adequately.


Pray for the end of discrimination and censorship by social media companies against all religions, notably against Christianity and Christians.


Pray that Christians would recognize their allegiance is first and foremost to the Kingdom of God instead of a political party or social issue, and that instead of criticizing, mocking and gossiping about those they disagree with, that their hearts will be changed to pray for said persons, and to reveal the truth of God and His word in love and kindness.


Pray that all Christians commenting on social media will receive supernatural discernment and wisdom to comment in ways that expose the dangers of limiting/preventing religious freedom and which reveal the important blessings that ensuring religious freedom will provide.


Pray that Christian schools would be allowed to continue to operate, that prayer and Bible teachings will occur without limitation, and that topics and education materials contrary to Biblical teaching will not be mandatory to teach.


Pray that teachers and employees who teach/work in Christian schools who profess to be Christian but who are not born again and/or who do not teach Biblical truths will either get revelation of God’s truths, or will be replaced by other Jesus loving, Bible believing teachers and staff who are committed to teach, share and live out God’s truths.


Pray that secular schools will include religion in their curriculums, that core Biblical truths including creation and the gospel will be included and promoted widely throughout every school from Grade 1 through PhD studies.


Pray that all student organizations supporting Christian issues such as prayer, Bible Study pro-life and truths of science including creation will not only be allowed to exist without persecution, but will receive Godly favor.


Pray that teachings and evidence showing why Christianity is true and why all other religions are false will no longer be blocked, but will be revealed to all students in one way or another.


For all schools but especially where Christianity is largely limited, pray for the love, power and truth of God to be made visible through Christian students in radical and unexpected ways.


Pray for Godly elected officials who boldly and loudly support laws and motions giving Canadians the right to gather, and the right to have freedom of speech on religious matters including sharing insights on false religions.


Pray that all public and private sector employees - including Christians - will be protected from bullying, mocking, financial and/or advancement losses, and moral injury of any kind because of their religious beliefs, and will not be inhibited from expressing their religious views in any way that is appropriate and acceptable to God.

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